Here we go, our first couple on this trip to Bali, Indonesia, we met up in our studio for a short discussion and decided to head to this few places that I'm familiar with, of course Choong Yi also have asked what will be the place I most wanted to shoot and I answer Lovina Bay which is far up north with all the penguins and looking at the destination they gave up haha, yea I am still looking forward to go there some day but we ended up in places like the water blow and kintamani volcano, this time the water blow isn't blowing so we took some landscape shots with the lava rocks, did a little of beloved session with them. I still remember there was one nice shot we took in Kintamani with a fly on the veil which we strive to remove it lol, photoshop does the trick. Both of them are really tall, they are one of the tallest couple I have shot so far hehe, with all the natural candids, I remember Choong Yi was concern about his slight baldness which I let photoshop does the trick, boom and its gone lol. Talking about baldness, Bali is one of the hottest place and one of the toughest place for me, simply because I have to start avoiding the sun to stop my hair from falling lol, and every angle gotta be standing in some dangerous spot, therefore overtime I am here I am injured in some ways, not sure where I am going to be injured this time. hmmm..... for this day, I am fine.