Le Petit Studio 20130930R.jpg

Thanks all for your support, our small little Le Petit Studio has turned 1 year old last month. Here is a small little collage from the beginning until to date for your pleasure...  We had many ideas before creating Le Petit Studio, initially we wanted to have a rusty dark setting but personally we wanted white, a place as comfy as possible because photography is a stressful job. We made it comfy so our pictures can turn out happy, and also to maintain our happy go lucky personality. There are many good possibilities here, we just love our rainbow colors around. A sweet place for many happy creations.... have you imagine working while listening to music, and take a nap whenever required, make a fresh cup of coffee when we need it, and play some musics when we feel bored, or have a movie night, yes we made this place for that, work hard and enjoy hard.