Met up Ajie and Pei San over FaceTime and I remember we spoke a lot about the wedding and pre-wedding but they end up signing our wedding day package. Ajie is a cool guy from Indonesia but both of them are working in Singapore now, Ajie has a high sense of taste not only on how he dress but also on coffee, he owns a restaurant in Singapore and he is also a barista hehe, thanks to my elephant like memory I am glad I am still able to remember all these tiny bits of things that the couple told me. It was a busy day with morning gate crash, church ceremony and dinner at Suburbia restaurant in Sentosa Singapore, this is such a cool place where only this place has to offer, they had a tea ceremony in open air garden and many awesome intimate sharing session throughout the dinner, and also found out that Ajie has another talent, he has a voice that able to melt Pei San's heart. Friendly couple and one bridesmaids was also a friend of one of a nice bride that I have shot in Singapore earlier. However, with all the hard work there was this incident that I can never forget which is a comment from one of the groomsman, he came to approach us before the dinner ceremony commented that we were not snapping enough, I got a little turned down at first because we really work our best, well I guess maybe because of the Singaporean habit of being dictative, sometimes we can never avoid it, I should have told him to try enjoy the wedding as much, just leave the good works from us and trust the photographer, our shooting styles are hand picked by the couple instead from the groomsman. It took me a few to overcome that feeling and after some refreshments we became the ninja's again, and my fellow assistant shooter was so nice to capture that tired look of mine at the end of the wedding dinner LOL. Thats one of the life of being a photographer after 16 hours of work.