It was an awesome day and night celebration, I still recalled that the first time I met Keng and Phay Yee while our studio was newly renovated and we end up meeting Starbucks Empire Gallery Soho, get to know that this couple is someone greatly related to my personal interest, music. Keng is a guitarist and Phay Yee is a very sweet Piano instructor. During the gate crash Keng brought along his fellow music members, crazy looking ones, and they all were filled with funny expressions. People that involved in music are truly filled with a unique aurora that is truly laughable. Its seem so nice that both people involve in music can get together doing something interesting in life. And that night its no less than filled with people from the music industry and got to meet 1 or 2 that I knew in real life. What I love about this wedding was how this couple has endure so much about the discipline in music, every single note that the band expresses came from many years of experience that enable each tone to be richly played. I did not asked about how popular and master Keng was but I just love how he plays the guitar. Play Yee had also invited a group of her students to witness her special day, the little ones are just simply adorable. Another thing I love most was Phay Yee's dinner dress, simple yet complicated, you can simply tell that this lady has a specific taste and expectations that is contented but it made her looked really awesome. It was a relaxing night, and it was one of the special occasion I will always remembered.