This is one of the nicest reception that I have ever shot, accompanied by nice people and small intimate ROM. Yanjun is sister of Yijun which I am about to cover their wedding very soon, her cousins are just amazing, this family have a very strong bond with good family values, they know how to have fun and appreciate the presence of one another. I remember whenever Yanjun about to share something, she will start to cry and hardly you will know what she talking about hehe. And Michael, you have broken my historical record for being my oldest groom to date, one thing I remember when he spoke about his age, he said to me, "try to enjoy every bits of life before you ready for the next stage", for that moment I figured, thats a very long journey of experience, because I am still single, he have indeed inspired me and given me a little comfort :D. Such a short event, just wish it can be longer and Michael and Yanjun, I just want to tell you guys that, I wish all my couples are as sweet as all of you, I really miss you guys and I did had a great time in your special day.