Both Hwa Sung & Sin Sze initially booked us for the London pre-wedding but eventually decided to go Melbourne to capture their stories. What I gotta say from this couple is that love and effort can win a thousand miles. I can clearly see that Hwa Sung wanted to give Sin Sze something extraordinary with his love, his kindness and effort for giving her the best struck my heart at times. This is what they have told me:

"We knew each other in June 2009 in a company. We worked together in the same project but we have different roles. At the beginning, both of us face a few obstacles especially age gap and acceptance by family and friends. But after better knowing through time and problems, we both agree to have a try to know each other even better. Later we introduce us to each other's family and slowly both families understand well and we got blessing from them. On 20th January 2013, he proposed and she accepted the proposal. And all the wedding plans started to crack our heads. Everything was planned since then till now and it goes well and smoothly. We hope we have a smooth sailing relationship forever:)"