During the ceremony I told Yijun that they have a very good family culture, and Yijun told me this was how his family had brought up. Everyone seemed to be very heart felt and connected, all their cousins and relatives are very sweet and lovely. I was glad to be able to be part of their story as it brought a lot of joy of laughter. Yijun's family is no stranger to me as previous I have met most of their family members during Yanjun's (Yijun's sister) wedding, that occasion was also a blast. Right after Yijun & Rachel's tea ceremony in Carcosa Seri Negara, we were invited to capture their special day in beautiful church ceremony in St. John's Catholic Church, Melbourne. Their wedding dinner was held in Myer's Mural Hall, a small wedding event with plenty of tears and laughters captured for the whole day. I was also surprised that Metropolitan Bride Australia actually featured their wedding after that. Those beautiful lovely moments were simply priceless, accompanied with beautiful sunlight, it had made the event perfect. Recalling back Yijun's wedding dinner back in Malaysia, that was the only few times that I actually seeing a wedding dinner started right on time, reason being his father wanted everything to be punctual. Once again, thanks for having us, there are many memories behind the shots that I simply unable to finish expressing all of them, but I guess we knew it in our heart. And I intentionally posted the last picture where Cliff managed to capture the shot where both of you gave me the hug right after seeing the slideshow, that means a lot to me. I will continue to work hard because I can see that the world is lovely because of both of you.