Daniel and Sydnee are both living in Ohio, before that both of them had a distance relationship between UK and US and they have survived the long distance relationship. I believe what made them actually clicked is because of communication, they are able to share anything, argue for anything even there are no conclusion. I had a very strong impression with Sydnee, simply because she is one of the extraordinary bride that I have encountered, very expressive, straight to the point, know what she wanted, she will do anything to strive for what she want, and always do thing in a professional way. Sydnee is a doctor and she practice one of the rare profession as a female doctor, a urologist. People said that she is a fortunate one, but she does know what she's doing, and she has been my personal medical advisor once in while whenever I need an answer in any medical issues. When I first get in touch with Sydnee, she written a long list of her expectation, however we both share the same expectation so I really wanted her to get on board in our session, because she shared many of the virtues that we have been trying to pursue since day 1. At first, due to my travel schedules, I almost unable to make it for her pre-wedding, but somehow my schedule in Oahu had moved forward so we able to shoot during day time, if not, what I had proposed to her was, to cover her pre-wedding after I landed in Malaysia, and head straight away to cover her pre-wedding at mid night, do the editing and slideshow, and send it over to her wedding day which is scheduled to be held on the next day. That was a plan that can be done by a super energy guy like me, but thank God my schedules were move forward and at least i can get some rest in between. As you can see, Sydnee doesn't want any super duper editing, all she wanted is natural, what she is as a person, and she can simply accept who she really is, that I an amazing attitude that i have seen from many US asians, accept who you are, and able to be confident of how we actually look. I just wish there are many brides like Sydnee here, where we don't need to fix anything bad in order to look fresh and good.