Many thanks to Shang and Tiffany for having me in this special day of theirs. I had lots of great time in Hawaii, so happy to be able to visit this beautiful island again after 15 years since I first went there. Tiffany and I have been communicating about the logistics for several times and I almost unable to be there for them due to my tight schedules and I almost made another Bride cried for not able to capture her pre-wedding but it worked out pretty fine after that, lots of arrangements behind. First of all, this is not a paid wedding, its family occasion, Shang is my cousin living in the States, and in the pictures you can find lots of my relatives especially my grandmother, my aunt, uncle and my cousin sister. Its like a different family reunion. However, I was working pretty hard LOL; my aunt had finally saw how I worked, running around, hiding somewhere, doing all kinds of ninja style in order to get my shots, it was a difficult one shooting alone, she came and said to me "I have finally see how you work, its not easy", however I made it. Yey! Not to mentioned with lots of shopping we have done after that with my uncle from Taiwan.

Just love shooting something different. Guess what, there are few things that I have finally able to capture here in my career life. First, I have finally shot a wedding with 4 pregnant bridesmaids (which supposed to be a taboo in traditional chinese style). Second, all the bridesmaids were wearing black (which is also another taboo in traditional chinese wedding). Third, they all went into a limousine (a car that will never able to drive around Kuala Lumpur). Fourth, my first assignment in United States. And lastly, its a wedding that is filled with 4 wine glasses for each person, the western style! Yes I love it so much, I wish we can do it back in Malaysia. I have broken 5 records in this wedding, well worth the effort.

There were so many love in this wedding, especially the people around, they are open to share anything with you, especially in terms of the value of appreciation, people simply willing to appreciate one another. Shang and Tiffany, though I can never thank you much like how you thank me, I surely hope to see both of you shine like always. And apologies for not able to make it to your occasion in Maui, but I am sure you guys had a wonderful time. And lastly, you are definitely a good husband and you are my model of a good daddy.