Quite an awesome experience for a virgin visit to Jeju Island, having a pre-wedding photo session here is always part of my list, however I am sure there are places that are far more better, just need to do a little bit more exploration because Jeju Island is really big. Both Suet May & Keith are colleagues, Keith is her boss and their relationship started on a business trip together, this couple has a very unique relationship where Suei May love to talk privately with Keith and provide her comments to him, due to the profession as an accountant, I guess she is a good helpful person that able to help Keith save lots of money for him. It is a little difficult to find out the deepest side of Keith and Suet May but the deepest side is where I love to find out on most emotional sessions but I always respect couples that wanted to keep the deepest side aside and express only the positive sides. We did a 1.5 day session in Jeju as there are simply too many things they wanted to cover and she does her own make up on the second day session. Actually our initial intention was to go New Zealand for the shoot but some how they changed the destination to Jeju, there goes my NZ trip. A day before the shoot we went for a day trip travelling around the island with our english speaking driver, good job done, we managed to found a few places without many tourist around and with nice views hehe. Finally we made it to the wind turbine, they are everywhere but to find a nice spot is difficult, we managed to found one at the road side and just love the series we got here. Often times couple looking for iconic places but they did not realise there will be many tourist and crowd that will make the photo session difficult to manage, sometimes taking away expectations, and venture into the unknowns, travel spontaneously, one might able to find something greater than expectation, that is not because of the photographer himself, it was because behind all greatness, there is this great thing call the memory, when both person able to be comfortable and given the time to love and discover one another, given the time to use their heart to speak, these photos are far more valuable than those you expected to be, because expectations is driven from FEAR, and FEAR is the greatest enemy for that personal reward.