Funny couple meets funny photographer, young, energetic and lovely Kathy, filled with hope and pure soul, love is something she longing for, thats a good thing about being young. And Andrew is one funny guy, who is very straight forward and cheerful, he let Kathy does all the decision. From the outlook it looks like a normal pre-wedding session but this series serves a higher intention for the couple, before the pre-wedding Kathy and I had became good friends and she used to shared a lot to me about Andrew lol, thats the life go a photographer, we are always the sand bag hehe... anyway, we finally decided to use Andrew's house for the session, I just love their tiffany coloured wall, so we had an awesome funny session together with Gary too who was there to capture some of Andrew and Kathy footage. The beginning of the session we covered a little of light weighted theme with our magic to revive the feeling again, and later with something connected to their future during the gown session, I can feel that after the session, all confusion that Kathy had had been diminished right after and both person can see life in a newly discovered feeling of joy and positive thinking. :) We are looking forward to cover their wedding very soon.