I have several enquiries for graduation portrait and finally I got this one from Tieng Wei, when Tieng Wei enquire me about the session, I asked her if she available to come for a discussion and she was curious about what I going to ask, she was surprised about the little things that I wanted to know before the shoot and suggested a theme for them, its like a pre-wedding session lol. Tieng Wei was very young and cheerful, she loves her family a lot and her 2 brothers that are still in school, since she graduated in the school of architecture so we went to her faculty for some shots and later in famous UPM farmfor some family portraitures, then I followed them to their house for some shots later on, the session ended not so short after all but as long they are happy I am fine, I wish that I could contribute some good memories for people, the process is almost like shooting a bride hehe. Tieng Wei is a unique girl with amazing personality, though her family is quite wealthy but she did not went overseas and instead she did her degree in local University, to her its no different, I hardly sense anything sad from her personality, she is just a pure hearted girl with a good family education, if you ask me, she is like the Cinderella in the movie, kind and brilliant.

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