One day Bee Bee had a chance to gather with family members and she engaged us to capture from photos that can be placed in their home and album for memories, Bee Bee family is quite special to me because she is a Korean-Malaysian mix, she is studying in Sydney and her brother Jack is one of the most handsome looking male model to date hehe. As her grandmother is always in Korea, so this time she is in Malaysia for a visit. Bee Bee parents story had inspired me, her mom is working in the Korean embassy and dad had managed to married her without knowing a single Korean language hehe, what inspired me because usually it is difficult for a traditional Korean family to accept someone from the outside world, but they have conquered all obstacles because of love. Glad that I am able to use a little Korean language to communicate with her granny, she was surprised that I know a little of their language, in the end of the shoot, the granny commented that I am a cute man. Hmm... and so after the session they order a number of frames and canvas from us and also an album.