NDA (Private Images)

KJ & Lyn is one of my favourite couple, they are very friendly and easy going, I guess trust is built though our service overtime, their wedding was a cozy one because we spent most of the time under air condition hehe, they had their tea ceremony session in Lyn's house and love the family portrait session taken outside their garden. One of the funny part of the day was during the early morning where I tried to find Lyn's house but mistakenly went into the wrong house, which is the house behind Lyn, this is the problem with sending location, I was quite surprised that the maid in the house allowed me to enter a stranger's house without any questions asked, after I went in the house it was all dark as it was very early in the morning I spotted something funny and went out and look for the real house again, well it was another gigantic house though. The owner of the house was very concerned about who actually went in and later Lyn clarified to them and it was ok.

Later that KJ and Lyn had their exchange of vows session in Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, and everyone was asking me to take a picture of them, some couple shots, some with their kids etc, this is a crowd of people that really love pictures lol, I mean really really love! We were all very busy taking pictures of people the whole day. Later in the wedding ceremony they had a simple wedding dinner in Shangri'la and everyone dressed up in shanghai style, the theme was very red and all of them are funny type of people and they continue to ask us to take pictures of them, one after another, the videographers were smiling at us indicating something funny, we all laughed hehe. Well it was an awesome day, sadly we can't share any pictures to you folks as it is a private wedding. Later Lyn's sister and immediate family member had also engaged us for a few family photoshoot session. So you can understand how pictures are connected with them.