Every successful man there is something sentimental, sometimes a man can be seen as quiet and not spoken much but never underestimate their heart, it can be as fragile whenever seeing his beloved daughter getting married. Love is indeed an essential quality for all successful man, because of love he learned to protect his family, work hard to take all the risk to ensure his family is well fed. It is the love of God that he received such essential award, that every sacrifice he made, are meant for the goodness of his family. This is what I receive when I saw Betty's father during their wedding day.

I have seen many family with good value and culture in the eastern side of Malaysia, in this small town Miri, Sarawak, one can find many people that truly believe in God, where they really taken God into their lives. When I first went inside Betty's house, we all were shocked for how big her house is, but its a very common thing here. Inside Betty's bible I found a few love message exchanged between her and Nathan, some sweet messages written many years back and I used that as the opening theme for their slideshow. Betty is a sweet girl, we are no strangers in this wedding as we just delivered their pre-wedding album that were shot in Bali few months back. I remember that Nathan's and his brother really look alike, but Nathan told us that sadly his brother's wedding pictures was shot few years back but have yet to receive the pictures from the photographer, I was glad that Nathan gave his trust on us even his brother have encountered such dramatic incident. 

Thanks Nathan and Betty for your hospitality while we were in Miri, we hope to come back again someday and hope you not forget to stay in touch with us.