I just can't stop smiling while blogging about this assignment, this is what I called "Pray Hard and Play Hard". In the morning they had a beautiful church ceremony in Church of St Thomas More and dinner they all play hard and get crazy in Empire Hotel Subang Jaya. Both Boon Jin and Emily are one of a kind, they are just simply awesome, before we covered their peranakan style tea ceremony in Melaka and this time another awesome day with totally different style. This couple actually graduated in SMK Subang Utama, Subang Jaya, while Boon Jin is a popular guy because of this sports talent. This gang of people truly expresses the typical Subang culture. And I also bummed into my ex-neighbour who used to be basket ball gang with my dad. Everyone regardless the young ones or the old folks had an awesome night here. One of the most unforgettable  part of this day was actually Boon Jin's dinner speech, with just one word from him and everyone was laughing out loud, he does has a strong charisma of being the most popular guy in high school.

And special request from the couple, every single pictures we shot here are all natural candids, no poses, because they wanted to see what is real and they understood the value of pictures with this approach. It was very fun indeed.