We had lots of on this special day of Jonathan and Micaela, the reason it was fun because of the funny character of this couple themselves. In the morning Jonathan had an awesome time during the gate crash, he is just very entertaining and he followed all the rules from the angry bridesmaids, they fed the groomsman with all sorts of exciting stuffs like usual, it was nice to see Jonathan's home, he has all the funny toys and characters everywhere due to his passion as an animator. Jonathan is a very fortunate man not only he has lovely Micaela but also a lovely family, parents that love him so much that still see him as a little boy. 

Right after the tea ceremony we did some fun shots with the cute Combi together with the bridal party. Later we all headed to a unique Catholic Church in Singapore called St Mary of the Angels. The whole design of this church is quite unique where it is designed like a volleyball stadium. Furthermore, the priest was really young looking, I heard from Micaela that the priest was quite a charming and well educated guy but he decided to become a priest and made his parents very sad, but overall I think he is doing quite well, he is liberal, and he respect the photographers, quite an open minded guy. Thumps up to him. Jonathan and Micaela looked so serious in the church, it was my first time seeing them like this, hehe, they gave each other some smiles and I knew they can't keep the serious looking for long. 

During the wedding dinner, we almost late for the event as someone had forgotten to pick us up in the hotel haha, but then we made sure all the decorations were well captured as those are all Micaela's hard work, we kept a copy of their special little invitation card, planned to frame it one day as a part of our memory. Jonathan did not had a long speech, but Micaela's version was quite awesome, she always being very real in any occasion due to his genuine personality and she doesn't care how people look at her so she was talking and talking haha... well the reason I wrote all these because I knew that she will laugh when she read it.

Jonathan and Micaela, thanks for making my very last assignment of the year so meaningful, and thanks for introducing your friends to us, thanks to all the meals we had in between and even while I was in Singapore. Thanks for making a trip to Kuala Lumpur to collect the album, we had lots of fun that night, you are truly a good friend. I just can't thank much. Like I say, I just hope all our couples are as nice as you. And seriously, I just hope your wedding can be longer like 10 years or 30 years because you guys are such a great companion haha.