I have been asked by a friend to provide this unique information for you. Let me give you 10 good reason why you should not hire a top wedding photographer. Because you simply might not able to bare this 10 reasons here.

1. Its not cheap. Top photographers are not extremely expensive because they need a living too, but in a measurable manner because they simply spend more time to create things which are extraordinary for you.

2. It's not a game of pay and receive. Hiring a top photographer simply need more time to dwell with them in order to fulfil their artistic needs because they simply love you so much that they want to know everything about you before shoot.

3. It's stressful. Yes, hiring a top photographer can be stressful because they demand a lot for themselves and this might put you into a stressful situation, but in the end you get something extraordinary, that's why the most difficult part for you is simply to cure that stressful feeling.

4. They might be too excited to shoot you and end up exceeding the expected shooting time. Yes, they are really passionate, they might be so excited to cover your wedding and you end up fulfilling his request by simply extending the time required in the contract, but in the end you get more pictures back anyway.

5. You might be brainwashed in the end. Top photographers are good at this kind of things where they might make you love your love ones even more than before and you end up being brainwashed.

6. You might fall in love with his works and that puts you in a situation where you and the photographer became good friends and no longer act like a normal service provider.

7. The top photographer will be always on the ball. Beware if you do not have time for extra works where he will keep on following up with you on picture selections or fill up a long list of forms in order for him to provide you the best service.

8. You will keep hearing his name. Your friends will be asking you to provide them his number and curious about how the session works or provide them your pictures for review. And the photographer will be wishing you in many festive seasons and you will keep hearing his name on and on. Please beware if you have sleeping problems.

9. You might end up spending more money. Hiring a top photographer is also means hiring an experienced person, whenever you have any doubts and ask about his advice, he will provide you with a very ideal scenarios or options, where you will feel so excited and took up his advice, please be aware that any move is money, and that is how you will end up spending more.

10. He might not able to fulfil what you intend to have. This simply because you will be receiving his works much better than what you expected to have, meaning to say that, he had improvised your thoughts.