This is probably the smallest wedding I have ever shot and the smallest wedding possible. The wedding has only 6 people including the couple. I was very excited for this occasion as I love small weddings. The reason being this wedding is small is because all of them are actually from different parts of the world including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Malaysia. The peace and quiet feeling gave all of us lot of time to mingle with each other and it allow everyone of us to feel one another, we even saw mommy and Eunice had an emotional time together where they began to fall with tears, and daddy had his time to bless her daughter while she dressing up. So everyone was preparing in a room in Cameron Highland Resort Hotel, one of the nicest hotel in Cameron Highlands, later they had a toasting session and head straight to the church. It was a big catholic church but with only 4 guests. Later on they had a formal tea ceremony right outside the garden of the hotel and some portrait session at the Boh Tea plantation. Thanks Kurt and Eunice for this opportunity, I felt like I am also became part of the family too as the wedding was so small.