Andy & Zhu Zen are friend of Philip and Deniece, one of the couple I captured few months back, all of them were graduated from the same school, and they are all dentist. Come to think of it, I just realised that I do have a lot of couples who are doctors and dentist haha, I love capturing doctors, for some reason they seemed to know what they wanted and able to cope of all the fears and determined for success. I have asked a doctor what are the reason that they behave in such a way and the reply I got was because doctors are very stress at work and it is not what we usually imagined, I laughed. Both Andy and Zhu Zen are christians, I kept telling Andy that Philip and him looked very similar. Zhu Zen is a special one, she was quiet all the way but never underestimates her determination. We took a drive about 3 hours to this place called Tip of Borneo, this is my second time capturing here, but this time the weather is very windy, the wind almost blew us away. When we hike down to the tip, the path was very slippery, we almost stop walking further and suddenly Zhu Zen made her choice to move on, I was shocked by her determination and so we did, and there goes all the great shots. That recall a habit of relationship related to our daily lives, sometimes in a relationship it takes determination to move on further, it takes courage, we have to kill our fear and challenge all the obstacles, and for some reason I believe many doctors have this kind of trait. I learned a lot from every tiny bit of things, my heart is sensitive living object.