Eric and Gloria are both very cute couples, when we met up in our studio they are both very shy but friendly style kind of couple, I suggested a few tips for their wedding day and they are very easy to listen to my suggestions, I am very blessed to be part of their special day. There are few things that touches me during the day, one of it is her mother, she missed Gloria very much and barely able to hold her tears, it is a wonderful thing to see he beloved daughter getting married to a nice guy like Eric. Another thing I love was the way they exchange their vows, I was surprised with Gloria's words to Eric, I didn't know she can be very expressive at first, but I am sure that what she said are all from the bottom of her heart. Everything was sweet that day, and it is easily filled a contented heart. There was one day that I got interviewed by a radio channel, and Eric was the one who called me telling me that he heard my voice in the radio during a traffic jam, haha, thanks for recognising my voice and laughter, I know its kind of unique hehe.