Finally, yes finally I've made it to Hokkaido, this location by far is one of my personal favourite to date and have been to this beautiful place couple of times after this. In every ladies dream there are things that we dreamed of since we were young, these we the cause of some influences from those literatures that we used to read in books, and this time it became real, and one of the most fruitful experience was the sunflower farm.

Just to elaborate a little on Jonathan and Micaela, their relationship was one of the most funny and unique one, when we first met up in Hokkaido, both of them love to talk with one another debating whats good and bad, whats real and whats not, etc. It recall me on one of the movie "Before Sunrise" that I've watched earlier, where both person kept on talking debating with each other none stop, but there is a hidden message within where both person would not bring it out because scare of loosing intellectually, that is love and care. That is why I created a theme for them called "A letter of the Unspoken", with images, we recreate something that are suppose to be hidden on both hearts, where both person knew from the inside but seldom address on the outside. To me, it is quite fun to have a soul mate like this, although Micaela said that she always wanted a rich guy and only reason she love Jonathan because he has a family in Perth, but I know deep within it is something laughable and joy, it will be very boring if they were not together. Micaela is a blessing, she is not like the typical Singaporeans but she also talk many bad things about Singapore haha, she has her own attitude of truthful and real. We had a wonderful 1.5 day session. Jonathan is such a funny guy, he love to laugh and making jokes around, he is very easy going and this makes them a good match, but it doesn't mean that he will give in to Micaela's certain ideas hehe. 

There is this mystical experience that I would love to share here, we were so desperate looking for a sunflower field and I was the most desperate one for sure, we went to ask the train station about where to find a wild sunflower field and the person pointed to this place and we took a cab there, for the moment we reached that place, it was so divine! The place its like a fantasy world, we all just stood there for a while to experience that moment without taking any pictures, and so we waited for the sunset to come on us, there goes my favourite shot. Finally I have fulfilled a few of my dreams, the lavender farm, the sunflower farm, going Otaru, one of many girls dream place and it was well known in many Japanese literatures. We just fell in love with every single thing. 

Oh yea about the mystical experience, as soon as we finished our session in the sunflower field, we noticed that there is no transportation around, we did not plan for it at the first place, only discovered when we decided to go home LOL. But surprisingly, suddenly an old lady with a dog appeared behind the bushes further away and walked towards us, we asked her which way to the train station, he said there is no transport around and need to walk about 1 hour or so to the train station, but there is a main road a distance away, should be able to reach there in 30 mins. And so she said that she will guide us there, we were surprised how much she was and furthermore she was able to communicate in english. She is the only person we met in this trip that can speak fluently. When we reached the main road there wasn't any taxi and she said she will help us call one and as soon we hop on the taxi, she was gone when we look back. That remains as mystery in our trip.

The sunflower farm has remain a good memory, as the second time I went to visit, the sunflower farm was gone and we can never find another place like this anymore.