Before this people had asked me which was the best wedding I have ever shot and I was unable to give an answer because they were all unique and special, but this one is by far the most memorable, most unforgetable and the sweetest and heartwarming wedding I have ever shot, as a photographer I do not look at how nice the decorations and fancy stuffs but often times it is the people that meant the most to me. In order to collect those memories that I still remember, I am going to write a long story to share with you the experience I had with them. Before this Philip and Deniece had gone through a pre-wedding session with me in beautiful Hoi Ann, Vietnam. Both of them studies together back in college and now they are both Dentist, and in my previous blog I am sure you know why dentist and doctors are the best couple haha. One of the reason why the wedding was great because both Philip and Deniece are those rare couples that doesn't hesitate to share with one another, they are both humble and always give thanks to one another, because of the work of giving one another, it creates a flow of love that constantly feeding each other, allow one another to feel fulfilling and rich at heart. Because of its richness I've gave them a unique beloved session back in Hoi Ann, allowing them to experience one another, those experience of continue discovering one another allow them to found something precious in their lives and the meaning they should be together for a long long time. 

There are many good things to learn from this couple, starting with exchanging presents and planned to open it during the wedding day, and those presents are not fancy watches or physical things but something meaningful like a letter or things that lighten their heart, something that tells something greater in their lives, and so Deniece fall in tears.

The second meaningful thing was Philip planned to wash the feet of Deniece before he receives her in her room, the reason Philip wanted to clean her feet because Jesus had cleaned the feet for people, and he wanted to be her servant of love forever, Deniece mother couldn't help that moment and fall in tears.

The third meaningful things I have witness was both of this couple had really enjoyed the wedding day, nothing seemed to be tiring for them, and I remember that Philip had said a month after the wedding that he hope that he can't get married again with the same woman.

The fourth meaningful things are the crowd that this couple had, they are the result of the high charisma that able to built such a good friendship with anyone. All of bridesmaids were crying like mad during the vows exchange session. 

The fifth meaningful things is the relationship of Deniece with her dad, in the picture you can see how Deniece lean her head on daddy's shoulder, and during the dinner Deniece had the honour to have Deniece for the first dance, for that moment Deniece's head was still leaning on daddy's shoulder, with many unspoken words, and for that moment I felt it, I almost cried myself because I believe for a dad, it is such an important moment, where someone had the honour to hold the daughter for a first dance, I really did admire her dad, there are many first dance that I have shot but this one is indeed a different one because I can really relate and felt that emotions.

The sixth meaningful thing was during Philip's speech, this had almost made me cry again as I had never expected that from a couple, in between Philip's speech he mentioned my name and shared about his pre-wedding experience, he said something like "I couldn't really share how that wonderful experience was during the pre-wedding because it is a very personal experience, I guess only through pictures can tell how it was, thanks to Dennis....." I was like oh my God... and later I received a message from Deniece that my slideshows deserves a standing ovation, I am thrilled.

I couldn't really tell all my experience in this wedding, I can only come up with 6 of them, but there are many more to share with everyone, like how Philip had said, it is very personal and almost like an existentialistic one. Thanks for having me to cover everything you have needed to get your wedding done, I can't thank much because of all the experience you have given me either. I really wish all the couples are like you both that able to be happy in everything, exchanging the energy with one another, I will continue to wait for another one just like both of you.