A wedding reception in Santorini, Greece, I've been waited for this day for very long and finally its here, nothing fancy about this wedding but it is by far one of the most comfortable wedding I've ever covered. Johnny originated from Hong Kong and Iris from Sandakan, they both have been living in UK for quite some time. I guess it is everybody's dream to have a wedding here. There aren't many information about holding a wedding in Santorini so I plan to share a little more here. It a small wedding reception in cozy Hotel Galini, just love the staff here as they are all very friendly, as both Johnny and Iris are Christians so they had a church solemnisation by their pastor in UK, and later on with official solemniser from Greece. It was funny that the Greek solemniser was talking in Greek so everyone did not understand anything but it was a fun experience. I guess due to all the handwork and hope, there are plenty of feelings flashed through Johnny and Iris mind, I can personally felt it when Iris was crying with happiness, this is indeed the day for both of them. Awesome sunset, the light was so strong like God is taking care for them. Everyone was very friendly and down to earth, especially Iris's parents, so I captured a few nice pre-wedding photos for both her mom and dad. Due to the reason it is an open air wedding dinner, we all had the luxury for a cozy windy night, accompanied with beautiful landscape of Santorini, every ladies in the event was given a blanket, that was very kind. Thanks for Iris for having me, I always feel that I'm the lucky one, you gave us a wonderful unforgettable experience.