Cross actually followed my works since he was in high school and now its finally his turn to tie the knot and its a chance for me to create something nice for him. Initially they were thinking to join my Kyoto trip but finally they decided to use St. Regis Langkawi for the shoot, though not many people had found this place as their pre-wedding location and this is why I love to be a few to start something in St. Regis Langkawi. The hotel was filled with many vibrant decorations, of course with my style of shoot it will be something different from the rest. We all had a really good time during the shoot, Cross was such a cheerful guy and grace is such a beautiful one, lucky him haha... we were all laughing around during the shoot and I guess Grace had a great experience with the awesome St. Regis services provided. Nice sunset I have to say! Nice blue sky also, would love to visit this place again!

Couple Story:

We met during college time, and Cross is always the mischievous one while Grace is the studious kind of girl. Cross first notice her was when he was paying his school fees at the Taylor's Business school lobby. While he was paying she was wondering at the front gate of the lobby. She caught his attention when he saw a lady in Pink Polo T-Shirt and Jeans with Long Champ Bag and from then on he decided to know her. He told his friends and they told him she already have another half. But he told his friend to let him have a try and just pass me her number. His friend then pass her number and then on he started msging the number for one whole night thinking he had a chance, and who knows the next day they all went laughing at him because that number was fake and was his friend's number. Finally his friends passed him Grace's number and that's we started.

How she became my girlfriend... we talked to each other for about 6 months , and we really click with each other. He finally pop the question when we were on summer break and he was back in JB. We haven stop msging each other since the day we knew each other(Cross has a really sweet mouth hahah) Then one day he got shocked when she told me she kinda miss me in KL. Then she would like to hangout more with me in KL when the summer break is over.Without hesitating he drove all the way from JB and set up fireworks just right outside her house park and then he asked her to come out of the house and lit the fireworks and recite a poem to her and thats how we got together. 

So thats how it all started... then we dated for many many years. Although we had our own fair share of arguments and break up threats we always managed to resolve it in the end. In 2011, Grace went to UK to study and thats when our relationship got wobbly. However, Cross being the sweet one (as always) he decided to go all the way to UK to save our relationship. We had cold wars initially but we finally resolved them and when he left to come back to Malaysia, we missed each other so much that our relationship strengthen even more. 

Fast forward, we both graduated and started working. Grace worked in Big 4 Accounting firm and constantly works late and even take part time Chartered Accountant's classes on weekend. During this time, Cross never fails to listen to her complaints and grumbles and always there to ferry me to and fro. Even when I worked late, he would come all the way to my office to pick me to my carpark which is about 15 mins walk away. Thats how sweet Cross is. 

After 2 years working in KL, Cross went back to JB. So we started our LDR. Being a grown up and have earn our own money, we started travelling the world together. We loved exploring the world together. We went to Bali, Bandung, Bangkok,Vietnam, Korea and NZ together. We always look forward to choosing one destination that we want to visit together per year. So far, we havent break that tradition since we started working 5 years ago. 

This year, Grace was going to NZ for working holiday and Cross was going to bring her over to settle down, being a sweetheart, he stayed for 3 weeks just because Grace will be missing CNY and will be spending it alone. Before we went on this long awaited journey, he finally popped the question with a diamond ring. It was our 7th anniversary and we went down to Grace's condo's swimming to take pictures to commemorate this special day. During the photoshoot, he popped the question and Grace said YES :) 

Grace finally came back from NZ and now we are starting on this amazing journey planning our wedding :)