Justin & Hsin can be one of our finest couple in our lifetime, after shot their pre-wedding, ROM and now their wedding day, all I have to say in this happy day, is that every couple that look for us should have an amount of expectations, and as a photographer, we understand that couple is seeking for beautiful pictures, and our existence is defined by our creation to produce valuable pictures, which is pictures that are not only beautiful but also genuine and real in nature. 

We always believe that real moment is the essential element for our existence, after all a photographer is to capture things that have happened, but not things that not supposed to happened with only beautiful element. This is a believe many people did not realised, and it is hard for me to describe its essence. What we believe is, even in a very simple occasion, a photographer can do amazing things by being part of the wedding, means we not not strangers but someone who have eyes to observe and able to understand the emotions of each member in the wedding, such as family values, background, the couple's story and what is the most important thing they perceive in this special day. Thats why we always allow natural moments to happened, but whenever we see anything that strike our mind that can enhance the essential element of the individual, we create, we participate by being part of the wedding, like a real friend that know them well. This remains as our motto from day one. A wedding can be shot by different photographer and can produce different results, these all depend on the mind of the creator, what we suppose to produce, and what we should not erased. Valuable things should not be erased and a heavy emotions shall not be treated lightly.