It has been a great pleasure shoot both Chee Kean and Chooi Li. They are both fun posers but not elegant posers. hehe. Really love the ambient in the Lakehouse (Cameron Highlands). Chee Kean, a fun guy with specific principles; Chooi Li, a talkative girl who work as a DJ in MyFM. Both of them seemed to blend in nicely. 

My first intention for this Cameron shot was a little different. Initially I was planning to do something special and wanted to create a modern elegant style with added some spices of Italian culture. I found that my intention has given both Chee Kean and Chooi Li a great pressure because they do not know if they can accomplish this theme of mine. I began to realized that they actually wanted something fun and alive, more towards candid shot, which is who they are. And so I change my plan immediate during the shot. I knew they like to have their shot taken in the Lakeshouse which reflect something elegant and inert and so I did my best for them. Our session in the Lake House was a long one, have to slowly guide them through the shot, it was tough but it turned out great and fun~ I guess the funniest part is the last session where they had their casual shot taken outside the Lake House. We spent just 1 hour to finish the last session and I got all the shots I wanted. LOL I can't forget about the last session we had as we all were laughing all the way in this session. 

Thank you Chee Kean and Chooi Li for allowing me to reflect your memory of your past, present and future. Love the shots we got for the day.

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