After many years and many things that went through together, finally they decided to draw the roadmap of the past, present and future through this series. Matthew and Jennifer had gone through numerous of hard times trying to be together. ^^ Jennifer told me a lot of their stories and hard times. But all in all, both of them had fought a long time to love each other. They really appreciate the past that had gone through, without the hard times they will never be so intimate and understanding. They were fun and loving, both of them is a great match! In order to create the theme, I have tried to order a very very long veil to express their long relationship but we didn't manage to get the veil on time. It was ok as there is an alternate plan. We picked the lovers bridge in Tanjung Sepat for the gown shot. And we had our casual session on the street in Tanjung Sepat. Don't be surprised about the bicycle, we did not plan for that. LOL. While walking on the street, we took a walk to the famous Bao shop, then we saw this bicycle outside the shop and I went to ask if we can use it for few minutes for some shots. Since we are all so cheerful, sure they said fine! hahaha... We laughed all the way in this portrait session and it was so fun and unforgettable. And love the dog Shasa that had spent her life together with Matthew and Jennifer since they started their relationship. Yes Shasa is old already. :) 
This is the theme for timeless pictorial presentation. 
Present Time: Casual shot with Shasa in Matthew's room.
Past Time: Gown shot in Lovers Bridge that reflect the long relationship.
Future: Casual shot in TG Sepat on the street with fun theme that signifies happy moments after marriage 10 years after.
Gown: VanGown
Makeup and Hairdo: Remy Ngan