Choi and Christine are both young couple (both outlook and at heart), I remember the first day we met up in Pyramid, Choi and Christine were quite shy but the second time was not too bad. But one thing I like about this couple is their heart and purity. They are young but able to appreciate love and passion, understand each and every single bit about life and value the beauty of sharing one life with another. Through their eyes I can see something pure within them. Their love is just that simple. 

During our second meeting, they asked if they can have their dog join up. I was quite excited and ask if they are well trained. But during the shot they brought in another Retriever. LOL. And I found out that the meaning of "trained" is only shaking hands and sit down. The first session was really tough. Especially trying to make everyone (including the dogs) to look at my camera and interact. It was tough and stressful but I think it turned out pretty nice. As long as Choi and Christine are satisfied. ^^

Since we did our young and lively shot, I made the gown shot a little bit mature and elegant, and tried to reflect both Choi & Christine's personal characteristics. I noticed that they kinda like this style of mine and so I followed it and wah laa.... a series for Choi and Christine to appreciate for many years to come.

The session lasted for 1.5 days as they wanted the Modern Shanghai style to be included in their album. Both of them are really busy people and so we did our last session early in the morning around 7am and finishes around 10am so that they can back to their office to work. Pity them. hehe.

So this is what it turned out to be:

Casual - reflection of their present value and appreciation

Gown - reflection of the future with matured family values and intimacy.

Modern Shanghai - reflection of their fantasies of passionate love.