One day I got an email from Ruemz asked me if I am able to shoot a hotel with a fun theme. I asked Ruemz if I can add any people in the shot and the answer was no. hahaha.... I always received unique assignments asking me to do different things. For this time I need to shoot something that reflect fun and joyful without any people in the picture. Ruemz asked me if I have shot any hotels before and my answer was no, I told them that usually hotels will hire specific service agent to cover their pictorial needs. Well surprised that Ruemz took my offer and decide to confirmed me. It was all great and exciting. Of course I always love to take up new challenges in this industry because I want to tell the industry that wedding photographers can also shoot commercial shots. We had a long discussion about the theme we want to create and me and Ruemz sort of clicked in some way because we do appreciate our ideas. 

I mentioned about my dream of having a Gallery Cafe and Ruemz offered to display my pictures in the hotel, that was amazing. We are still in the mist of discussion about the concept we want to create. Now I have became the official photographer of Ruemz that will be covering their corporate portrait, opening ceremony and etc. I am really glad that I had given this opportunity to show my works and I am really happy that they liked my works. I will do my best continue giving my best!

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