Heng is a busy CEO that looks after a small company and Semanta was a person that seldom take pictures. It was all Heng's idea that decide to take their portrait session in Perth as he spent many years in Perth during his studies long time ago. It had brought back many old memories. We had our shot done all over Perth city, we didn't managed to go pinacles (thought it was my dream location) hehe. It all turned out great! We managed to survive the breezing wind and had our last destination on the jeti for the sunset shot. To be honest, the sun set was quite short indeed but we had plenty of pictures taken. 

Before we did our shot in Perth, Semanta sent over a picture with her gown to me and I was worried about the gown because I had some particular idea about that gown. Semanta told me that she could not change the gown since it was a present made by his cousin. Well, I respect her decision and I told her that I will do my best. I guess it had given Semanta some pressure. hehe. From the conversation with Semanta I noticed that the have no high demand on pictures, a portrait is just a process in a wedding, it was all Heng's idea because Heng love to see nice pictures. 

A night before the shot while they were ready to sleep, we had a small session. I asked Heng how he describe Semanta and vice versa. Then we had a pretty nice conversation and love to hear what they have shared. I realized that I can't let Semanta think that she is not photogenic. Honestly, I was pretty stressed a night before the shot because I am very serious about their shot. About Heng's demand for pictures, about changing Semanta's perspective, about Semanta's cousin (I want her to feel good about her gown). And you know what, it all turned out amazing! 

It is not a matter how the couple look, its all about how they connect each other. And of course, its about the moments, stories and believes that had made this series a wonderful one. 

The moment I finished editing their pictures, I was so excited to show them the slide and I showed them the slide during our meet up. Semanta never thought that she can be so beautiful and Heng was so glad that he made Semanta happy. Both of them really appreciate my work and gave a lot of credits during their wedding dinner. I was a little shy to have couples mentioned my name during thier wedding. 

I was surprised that Semanta's cousin (the one that designed the gown) came to me and praise my work, she mentioned one thing that I can never forget "You will be very successful one day". I understand that she said, its about my passion, my service and my commitment that made these all became so wonderful to them. It is also because of the HEART. 

Thanks for all the great fun! Love you both. 

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