Another successful commercial photography for Rumah Tanjung Spa, this time is for their next branch located in Palace of the Golden Horses. I don't do alot of commercial photography but maybe this is the reason that made me being more creative. I and Sanja had research through many spa photography and we discussed about how can we attract people's attention to try out their spa. The last series we did was rather inert and filled with moods and moments. This time we plan to do something related to the experience of spa. I told Sanja the Manager that many spa photography focusses on reflecting the serene and tranquility, for their environment, I suggest for reflecting a joyful spa experience and not loosing the ambient. It took me a long while to find a true model that can reflect this idea and I am so glad that I have found Fann Wong to be willing to do the shoot for us. She is just lovely, simple, natural, and photogenic. I am so fortunate to be given the space for creativity. Imagine the settings and lighting, it took me a fair amount of time to make it possible, but this is something I would like to reflect for them due to its unique ambient environment. Love the batik that metaphor the word "Rumah Tanjung", and the smile for the experience. Imagine, a spa photo that filled with joy, who can ever resist not to try it out. LOL. Imagine, a picture can somehow retune the company's direction, and also a service they will have to reflect. First impression really means a lot and the elements that slowly build under their minds that might transform a company to something that you could possibly imagine. I will be shooting my 3rd and 4th spa assignment soon in Melaka and Singapore.

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