Shot one of the largest wedding dinner in my life today. With over 130-150 tables, I realized that on the positive side I could display my slides that night to almost 1500 people. I began to shoot vigorously during the morning session and make sure I have all the fantastic pictures to display. It all worked fantastic, first of all the ceremony was naturally an awesome one. Kevin and Kiat Jia knew each other very long time ago and began their love life at some point. I spoken numerous times with Kiat Jia, she has a unique personality, the moment you talk to her, you will began to realize there are so much about her. Kiat Jia is indeed an artzy bride, which is the reason why we survive in freelance photography industry, to fill the high pictorial demand in this market. Kiat Jia wanted everything perfect, she is truly persistent enough to ensure that it all will worked out great. Kiat Jia sent me the wedding rundown a week before and it shocked me, it is so detail that you can possibly imagine, even better than many weddings planners out there. My confidence came from understanding her and Kevin, with this in mind, I am definite that I can produce something out of the ordinary. Kiat Jia graduated in UK and Kevin in US. Kevin made his mind to quit his job in the States and pursue his decision to marry Kiat Jia. What a romance, which Kiat Jia enjoyed I guess. :) Sometimes love requires sacrifices, but with predicted risk of course, I am sure Kevin will do equally well over in Malaysia. He has his own way of handling issues and he is indeed a funny guy, a truly American way for what I observed :p. Nice one! Thanks for having me as your photographer, because only that you chosen me that I can prove that your decision is a correct one. LOL. Sometimes passion counts, but its all about giving. Love you both. I am sure you will remember me many years later.