Done Swee Wah & Wai Jinn's pre-wedding a while ago, and its the day to tie the knot. Wai Jinn falls in the same gang with Lai Peng who is my previous couple as well. This wedding day was filled with emotions as well with lots of hugs and blessings. A lot of good essence being sealed here. We went through a few discussions and at first Wai Jinn did not know where to held her garden wedding, she wanted a garden wedding so gave her a few recommendations and they finally decided to go with Bangi Equatorial. Every family is different and the family of Wai Jinn I saw was filled with love and gentleness. Both of her mom and dad was very open minded person, they just able to provide the most emotional support for Wai Jinn, I guess that makes Wai Jinn with the most gentle and emotional character. Together with Swee Wah, who had been dating with together for almost a 10 years, I forgotten the number but its long. I guess the moment that they share their vows, the word in their mind is simply the word "Finally...".