Ivan and Wendy are wonderful peranakan, when I spoke with them Wendy said that she admire my works and began to chat with me once in a while. And finally its the wedding day, just love the christmas decorations which is still in the church after the christmas ceremony, made me feel like New York lol. Love capturing this very old church in Melaka, St Peters Church, the oldest church in Melaka. One of the funny incident we had was how the priest pronounces Wendy's name. The priest pronounced Wendy as "windy", so everyone talking about it LOL. Hope to be shooting here again very soon. Thanks for all your support Ivan and Wendy. Had a lovely tea ceremony session in Ivan's house too, the family is so friendly and down to earth.

That marks my last assignment in 2011, finishing a total of 110 assignments. That was quite an amazing achievement for me.