dennis yap photography chinese new year greeting.jpg

Finally I have survived the busiest year ever in my life, and with this new year coming ahead, I have a new vision! There are indeed many visions in my mind but it all comes back to contribution. In order to provide the best, I have decided to limit my slots to 80 this year. This is still a tentative number but what I want is to have more time for myself in order to brew my life for many years to come. I noticed that through experience, it is not photography that will kill our passion, it's not how busy we work, it all comes back to the people we meet. I wish the years to come I am able to meet more nice couples, crazy couples, couple who wanted to be crazy like me, having fun with me, and so that I can provide them many unique shots and great services lol. Do not panic, I am sure you all are very nice people indeed already, but I do wish that couple will not see wedding photograph like a corporate encounter, or treat me like a business vendor lol, all I want is simple to make new friends hehe that's why I quite my corporate life. Hoho.... For all of you who are ready to engage me, I can be sure that you will be treated like my bestest best friend haha... Happy new year!