I found that most of the couple that have engaged me has a specific expectations that's why they will never go for bridal shops because they see the difference that we can offer them, such as personalized, passion, level of service. It's not hard to satisfy them as long as you have the passion to satisfy them. For Chloe she has her own specific demand and I got to say that her demand is high lol, all vendors that have worked with Chloe will say that this is one of the hardest bride to satisfy lol because she expects a lot of us. However, our pace is pretty smooth and I found no issues working with her, maybe my virtue is to set my expectations higher than what she expected. I guess is comes back to how passionate we are, how perfect we see our level of service and how hard to strive to deliver our product. Chloe is recommended from one of my ex bride and she have seen what I have to offer, I guess our virtues sort of click somewhere but I love to service bride with high expectations like Chloe lol, because this is also define our existence. Sometimes I even take in her fault as my own fault because I wanted her to receive the best product. Something which malaysia market needs.