Yes! I am so glad so many nice couples have engaged me for this year, without their nice personality the year 2011 will be a tough one lol. Both KA and Bobo has been very nice and they never push me for delivery so in turn I am able to deliver their pictures with a unique quality, even though it was still within the delivery timeline. We had our session in pangkor laut, haha we had so many nice foods there and all in all we had such a great and memorable time together, more like a good vacation lol. Since Bobo has very less expectations but I guess they have seemed my advice well and finally they got a nice dress for their casual session lol. We had our beloved portrait all the way throughout the day and so many imaginations had I have put in place for them. I guess it is a day they will never forget. Both of them are so loving and KA is such a great man and always being very patient and understand Bobo. Their inward beauty is strong, good character plus down to earth, they can't be any nicer than that.
Bobo was very active in Facebook and whenever I post something in my page, she will most likely be the first one who liked it lol. Thanks for their support, I really hope we can bring our friendship even further. Both of them are truly a nice couple. Love you both!