Hong Ann and Pei Yin is a unique couple, where Hong Ann is a busy business man who always on call. Both of them enjoyed life together and they had their prewedding session right after they had their baby girl. Pei Yin asked if she can include her baby girl in the portrait session and my answer was why not lol. It will be very fun and memorable to have their baby inside, signifies family love and new venture in life. Before we had the prewedding I told them to treat the day as enjoyable as possible, a day that they can never forget lol, but one thing is we can never fight with reality, as Hong Ann has to answe his phone calls in between many of the prewedding sessions. However, I allowed it to happened because it's suppose to be their own time to be remembered. I can't do anything about it but after the session I do wish that the phone call was not in place so that Hong Ann can enjoy the day better. We had lots of shots taken and in the end of the session I realized that Pei Yin was a little uneasy with the phone so I told them at the end of the session will be a little different but the groom the groom has to place his phone in the car first lol. Wow amazing, I just love the shots that was captured in the end of the session, where Hong Ann was very into it by expressing his care to Pei Yin and they all had their most honest and truthful session in the last hour, plus amazing sunlight and flares, signified a divine love and intimacy off from their expressions. Everything was very spontaneous and real, I really glad that the phone was put away, I guess I have made the right call. Hehe. When Pei Yin received her pictures we had a short phone conversation and she told me that the pictures was not so intriguing at first but she the more that she looked at it, the more she love the pictures. Yes that is true, my pictures had never focus to give the best first impression but I want them to last longer so the more you see them, the more you be able to appreciate them so the pictures will never dies easily. Thanks To both of you, and hope you enjoyed your new journey ahead with these pictures.