One day I got a call from Shih Shin and said he wanted to do a personal portrait of himself, I felt it was quite interesting and we had some discussions and had the shot done in a hotel room. The first impression I had with Shih Shin was he look like a Korean celebrity, and I know he know that himself too. So we do a little chatting during the shoot and he told me what kind of result he wanted for his portrait. I'm not sure what he is going to use for his pictures but he told me that he wanted magazine style, and hey, thats not hard. :) I brought over some lightings and there you go, I am quite satisfied with the result. And guess what, I made a slideshow with a korean song for him LOL. Shih Shin went back to Brunei and I wish him all the best with whatever he does. There are simply too many pictures I wanted to show here but I just picked a few here. I was quite a nice experience.