After the pre-wedding session earlier with JC & June, today it's the big day for them. Totally different from their pre-wedding theme, where JC & June had a very traditional Chinese wedding ceremony where most of the stuff inside June's house were all in red. Actually am really honoured to capture this couple because June's family actually is the owner of my favourite BBQ pork outlet New Wing Heong (新永香). Before that I did not know there is a difference between the New Wing Heong and the Wing Heong, after my mom told me about their story. Therefore, whenever I use the word Wing Heong, June will immediately correct me where I should use the word New in front because they are two different families. The history of this old BBQ porl outlet is long and complicated as my mom had described but I understand one thing about this family. As some family culture honour those prosperous moments, they will take this opportunity to make it look as prosperous as possible, and most of the crowd were very noisy, talk out loud, filled with joy and laughters and they expresses many good words on that day, those kind of family will hardly be poor, because of the culture they had expressed and anyone that got influenced by these cultures will inflict a very joyous attitude, which in turn, influences the success of their business. This is so true and that was the deepest impression they gave me and I had learned a lot from this family. The tea ceremony went very well, everyone really gave their blessings to one another. 

As JC is also my friend, I opt not to capture their wedding dinner because I wanted to join my group of friends to witness their joyous moment. To be honest, for wedding photographers like us, we hardly had the chance to sit down and enjoy a wedding dinner, and tonight I got it. Thanks to JC and June.