Albert & Sharon had their gate crash carried out in Ritz Carlton Residence, with lots of sunflowers. The theme of the day is yellow, I guess the reason why Sharon wanted sunflower because it signifies happiness. The color yellow does goes well with the colour red. It was a day I finally capture their wedding day after our laughable pre-wedding session in Melbourne. And again, gangnam style gate crash. I couldn't recall how many times I have shot a gate crash with gangnam style already. During the dinner, my second shooter (Ivan) came to me and asked, why this couple used Sunflower as their wedding theme, I replied that mainly because when we were young, many people had an imagination with sunflowers, and most people dreamed to see a sunflower farm. Including me, I really wanted to see one someday. It made me wonder what kind of flowers shall I be using for my own wedding, there are a few that I love like Lily, Iris, Peony and Tulips. I love sunflowers but this flower is really huge for me. Thanks to Albert and Sharon, your family were so sweet and kind hearted. Really enjoyed this wedding day of yours.