Howard and Angeline had engaged me for almost 2 years and a year before we supposed to cover her pre-wedding and wedding day but a week before her wedding day, Angeline's mother had passed away and she had to call off all her wedding plans, I still remember that she were crying over the phone telling me the sad news. On this wedding day, it was rather a remembrance of her mother besides a wedding day. In the morning, Angeline's dad walked over to me and shared his feelings, even though Angeline looked happy on this day but within everyone it was a sad feeling because her mother were unable to be there for her. Her wedding dinner was filled with lots of laughter but half of the attendees were unable to attend due to the missing of her mom, but we still carry on everything that has been planned. We actually helped Angeline to make a slideshow for the remembrance of her mom, and there was a moment of silence before the dinner is commenced. Aside that, humorous Howard had made the day with laughter and joy. I remember the moment I watched Angeline marching in with a brilliant smile, for that moment I felt so happy for her, simply because we had known each other for quite a while and I can relate with them, everything happened in the wedding. 

Really thanks for Angeline and Howard, love to see your friends and family that day, may your new life filled with love and happiness.