It was an amazing journey to cover Alicia's Baby Olivia. This assignment is not finished yet as the assignment covers maternity portrait of Alicia, delivery of Olivia, new born of Olivia, full moon until Olivia is 1 year old. A journey that will take 1 year to complete. A journey that will take 4-5 session to complete. As always, my dream was to cover the delivery room, we almost got it but the doctor refused to allow me to enter the delivery room to cover Alicia's delivery and it will still remain as my dream. I love newborn portraitures, especially for this assignment there are so many sessions within a year, and we sort of built this intimate little relationship with the Lim's family. And now I still miss them, including their dog. 

Alicia's family loves to values pictures and they had their pictures taken from wedding until to date and it is still going on. After these few sessions, now left over is Olivia's full moon and 1 year old, and by then they receive a nice custom made album, which includes the whole process of Olivia, from pre-born until 1 year old, I hope the journey will continue until Olivia's 18 year old but I hope I will still be healthy enough to cover that. And I have also tried to imagine, what if one day, I am able to cover Olivia's wedding. That will be something amazing right? Gosh, I just wish that I can do this forever!