Both Marcus and Jeen were actually living in Australia and this day its something special happening for the Mah family. The moment I stepped inside Jeen's house I was amazed by the size of the house but the Mah's family were all very humble people and they all were so down to earth. For some reason, I kept on recalling the sweetness of Jeen's mom, where she welcomed me nicely, inviting me for a nice cup of coffee. To the Mah's family, Jeen is a unique daughter where she brought over many good qualities within the family, setting a very good example for everyone. I was like part of the family already. The good thing about this assignment was the gate crash was done inside the house, where it was big enough to cater the big group of groomsmen. And again, I met my old colleague in the group. Everything was very authentic and genuine. Pretty bride and smart looking groom, nothing more can ask for, hehe. The Mah's family really gave me a very good impression, I wish one day I can visit her mom and give them a big thanks again.