Yong Wei and Lai Peng wanted to have a 1 anniversary photoshoot, at first we thought of doing something different in UPM farm but they decided to have the shot done in our Le Petit Studio, I guess the props they had brought over fits well with our interiors, something cozy and sweet. Which is nice for us because they can focus more about their relationship in this air-conditioned environment. Like usual, Lai Peng hand made all her props again just like how she did in her wedding day, so we slowly set up the props one by one and had a great time together. Lai Peng got very emotional with the beloved session and she cried again, and after the session I received a message from Lai Peng that Yong Wei almost cried too during the session. We just love to shoot a session like this, very true and sincere, nothing that is over done or act upon, all these emotions are real. Thanks for them for trusting my believe from day one, hope to create more theme for you guys very soon.