One day Pushpa contacted me for a family portraiture, so I went to her home and checked out a few things, Pushpa and I had some discussion on how to do the shoot, so Pushpa told me that it is a time where all the girls are back and they decided to have the portraiture session in the house, bringing back old times and show how they all interact with each other in the family, I was so excited for this because I have been waiting for such a portraiture approach for a very long time. This one is so natural and pure. I guess they really value their memories. So we first had a session to show how the mom was usually was in the kitchen and how the girls interact with each other. Then head on to a very emotional session where all the girls has to express something they have never expressed before to the mom, and those emotions were just poured, it was so precious to see each and everyone of them had this space of expressing with each other, and I was the one to capture those essential moments. Then we head on to the dad, so all the girls mingled with the dad and dad was sitting where he usually sits, with his precious laptop. And later on we went to the girls room, now this is an interesting part, all the 3 girls had actually occupied the room in different period of times, and so what we did was we unite all the time into one and all the girls were in different space, doing what they used to do here. And later on with the piano session and etc. It was such a memorable day for everyone. I was glad to have this opportunity. Thanks to Pushpa, I believe those pictures and albums that you have ordered will meant a lot to all of you.