After Jerry & Carmen had their ROM a while ago, we went to their high school for some love portraitures, both of them were actually studied in the same school in Kuala Lumpur Maxwell High School. The place has a unique colonial touch to it so we revived many of the old stories which brought them back to over 10+ years ago during their high school times. During the old days, love was very pure and naive, where Jerry and Carmen used to exchange lunch box and giving surprises to one another, as told by them, both of them used to be naughty kids, so we went back to their old classroom for some pictures, and head to a classroom to revived many of the things that they did before together. It was nice to capture those as I being the one who is going to walk through many of their journey together, its like an intensive get to know each other session for me. Also I did a small movie for them before the slideshow to add some spices. :)

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