Eu Wing & Bee Fong live in UK. Both of them are in the medical line. For one time I recalled, I did received a lot of assignments from doctors, dentist, lawyers, and hardly an accountant which I do not know why hehe... but to be honest, doctors and dentist are the nicest couple to work with, and also couples from the United Kingdom, I will need to think how my pictures attracted them, or maybe its the intuitive part of my pictures? This remains a mystery. The first time I met with Bee Fong, she reminded me of those cool looking bride that comes by once in a while but Bee Fong is actually warm in her heart, a little hotter than lukewarm, its deep isn't it. Bee Fong flew over a few of her colleagues and best friends over, and from the dinner's speech I get to know that Eu Wing is actually a very smart guy. But anyways, it is one of the loveliest wedding, handled by Peak Xperience, a wedding planning company run by 2 amazing and pretty individuals, they can be very "on the ball" sometimes but they do deliver. 

It is Bee Fong's sister that handles her logistic part in Malaysia and right after the wedding, I am glad that the pictures had made mass chain effect and now I am shooting another 2 of their friends very soon. Though we have not spoke much right after the wedding, but I have heard a lot of Bee Fong's name from many references, many thanks for Bee Fong and Eu Wing that loved my work, your wedding will stay in my memory in a very special spot.