Known Winston long time ago during my days in AirAsia, he was working in the IT department and we used to carpool together. After he resigned his position and based in Australia, he met Lan Anh during his business trip in Vietnam. And now they are getting married. We communicated several times over the internet and also get to know about their story and Lan Anh. Lan Anh seemed to be a different Vietnamese that I used to know, she has her own personality and attitude which I can figured why Winston would love her so much. When we meet up in Hoi An and heard Lan Anh calling Winston "baby", I was thinking, it will be so nice that a girl would address me like that hehe... 

A year ago when AirAsia launched this new destination called Danang, nobody knows whats over in Danang, the advertisement were all beaches and such, but I went there for a holiday trip and I accidentally discovered this place Hoi An, and for the first sight, I fell in love with this place. It was a place much better than Melaka and Penang, eventhough they are all world heritage city. The best thing about Hoi An is everything were well preserved, the government really did a good job for this city. From that day onwards I would wonder how can I get someone to be here for some shoots, and many thanks to Winston, you made this dream come true.

This place is simply full of possibilities, I wish that I can come back here again but I heard that AirAsia will be shutting off this destination very soon, that is really a sad news. 

Lan Anh brought over a white gown, and also her traditional vietnamese wedding dress and another vietnamese dress for the shoot. I was quite excited because it was my first time to shoot a vietnamese wedding dress, love the true red colour off this dress. And Winston wears a traditional chinese attire to match with Lan Anh's dress, signifies the combination of both cultures. Lan Anh has a unique personality which Winston attracted to, and she can be very specific on certain things so she is one of the demanding bride as well. Really glad to see Winston tying the knot finally, I am sure it was a great challenge for putting both families together as one.